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Overview, goals

This site is intended to document low-level technical details of the ReplayTV Personal Video Recorders; the current focus is on the 4000 series and nearly-identical 4500 series and its newer cousin the 5000 series, but information on previous (and any currently-hypothetical future) ReplayModels is appreciated and encouraged. If you're a programmer interested in writing software to take advantage of the Replay's advanced features, this will hopefully be a useful resource. If you're a technically-minded reader, this will hopefully be interesting. For many users, however, OtherResources are more appropriate.

Remember that the WebIndex and WebChanges pages are automatically updated, unlike this one, and are both likely to be more up to date and complete.

Easter eggs and the like

Protocol Descriptions

File Format Descriptions

File formats tied to particular protocols aren't listed here; see the protocol listings above.

Multimedia Files



Many of the protocol and file format pages also have attached code. Much of it requires headers or other modules from ReplayPC. Some of it has been incorporated, in altered form, into ReplayPC itself, but the simpler almost-stand-alone versions have been left in place for now.



This TWiki was started by ToddLarason, based on information discovered by Matthew Linehan (original HttpReplayGuide and HTTPFS information), Dan Frumin, LeeThompson (the GuideSnapshot information) and almost certainly others; if I've overlooked you, my apologies, and feel free to update this. ToddLarason and LeeThompson are currently the primary contributors, but anybody can Register and contribute, or contribute as TWikiGuest (the password is guest).

Other Meta Information


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