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PPV Enable Hack


This comes with absolutely no guarantees. Do not use this information if you're at all unsure about your ability to recover from disaster. Do not blame me if something goes wrong.


The 4000 series has some (undocumented, disabled) support for automatic PPV authorization, apparently intended for AT&T Broadband / TV Guide customers. This hack lets you enable it and try it out. It doesn't work for me, even though I'm an AT&T Broadband subscriber and my local system uses the TV Guide software; in fact, it the Replay crashes when it tries to authorize a PPV event and I have it programmed to use a PIN. This hack does however let you see the dialogues, including the PPV-specific MagicZoneCommands dialogue.

Applying and Using

Apply the diff to the sys*/Customize/p-credits.panel file; if you're on a system without patch, you'll have to do it manually, but it should be straightforward enough. If your cable box isn't on line 1, modify the LINE1C as appropriate. Install the modified credits panel file, go to the credits screen (MENU SETUP 888 ZONE) and press the DISPLAY button. Leave the setup menu and return, and there should be a new PPV settings menu option.

-- ToddLarason - 09 Mar 2002


The crashing during use is probably why it's disabled ;)

-- LeeThompson - 21 Mar 2002

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