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-- ToddLarason - 30 Apr 2002 WebHome ftp://anonymous:tt@

-- TWikiGuest - 13 Jun 2002

Dear Sirs, As I believe some of the most intelligent folks in the world dwell in creating all of this wonderful technology for all of us to enjoy. I appreciate and applaud all of the efforts of the work I have read and been able to use such as replay pc etc. For months now I have been involved in trying to archive some movies that have been downloaded from my replay tv via my network in my home with the replay pc software. That ware an the folks that created it are geniuses. I thank you for that as well. WHat I am having a problem with is that when I dnload it to my sony digital film studio processor with dvd burner an using the ware DVD Movie Factory 2 by Ulead to author the dvd. I made a few correct but now aLL I seem to get are "cant convert video file errors that stop the burning process. I am getting the movies from a dtv satellite and then transferring via network to my computer with a dvd burner. COuld anyone help an old hippie that is brain dead from all of this some pointers on making it work. I am not evev adding chapters to the dvd. Just trying to archive some of the good movies for my personal enjoyment. Any help from anyone would certainly be appreciated as I have been at this tooo long. I will even be glad to pay for help that will get me going in the right direction. Anything at this point would help. Many, many many thanks again. e mail is or phone is 704-938-4005 call Mark collect if needed. I thank anyone in advance for any help regarding this . Im promise to repay your expertise somehow for I am about to go over the deepend trying to make this work. Best personal regards, Mark D.

-- TWikiGuest - 29 Mar 2003

You are really better off contacting folks on planetreplay or AVS forum for this type of help.

-- LeeThompson - 10 May 2003

Anyone with a 4k ReplayTV been able to use the extract_rtv program successfully to view/extract mpegs? I tried using it last night in order to undelete some shows after my machine crashed (after reboot, a big chunk of my scheduled shows and recorded programs had vanished.) Upon loading it, all I got was gibberish for the second partition programs listing - but I was able to list the first partition files fine.

-- TWikiGuest - 04 Jun 2003

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