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The HttpUtils protocol is probably left-over debugging code. None of the Replay-supplied software uses it, and it's even more fragile than the other networking protocols.

The HttpUtils functions operate over HTTP.

HttpUtils URLs are in the form http://address/httputils-command?arguments.

There is actually only one command in the HttpUtils protocol: sendciomessage.


sendciomessage sends a CIO (Command IO?) message to the running application, just as if a remote control button had been detected.

Its only argument is cioc, which must be included. Omitting it will crash the ReplayTV. Its value is the CioCode of the control to send.

For instance, requesting causes my Replay to act as if I hit the Replay Guide button.

There is no response body.


There is code for a second HttpUtils function, but it's not registered with the HTTP server. Its name is unknown, but is likely shell or something close; I'll refer to it as shell.

Its only argument would be cmd. Its value would be a shell command to execute. It appears its output was intended to be a string like "Executed ..., result was ####".

HttpUtilsShellHack discusses how to enable this command and the risks involved.

-- ToddLarason - 06 Apr 2002

Is there any known way to change port number from 80 to something else ? Like 7070 for example?


-- TWikiGuest - 25 Mar 2003

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