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HTTPFS Export Hack


This comes with absolutely no guarantees. Do not use this information if you're at all unsure about your ability to recover from disaster. Do not blame me if something goes wrong.


This information is very version-specific. It applies to both version 520410600 and 520411140, but should not be assumed to apply to any previous or future versions.


See HTTPFS for background on httpfs and some of the terminology used here.


These changes have the following effects:

  1. Make /SnapshotDir export visible.
  2. Make /Video export writable.
  3. Make /Video export visible.
  4. Make /SnapshotDir correspond to the directory /name/system rather than /name/system/user/ReplayChannels/SnapshotDir

The Changes

Modify sys*/Platform/Plymouth/Modules/IHTTPFS.out as follows:

  1. Change offset 0x27f4 from 0x0000382d to 0x24070001.
  2. Change offset 0x2808 from 0x24060001 to 0x24060003.
  3. Change offset 0x2810 from 0x0000382d to 0x24070001.
  4. Change offset 0x30f4 from 0x2f to 0x00.

-- ToddLarason - 09 Mar 2002

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