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ReplayNetworkServices are the network services used for initial setup and subsequent nightly updates.

The services are provided by the RnsProtocol and NTP.

RnsProxy can be used to examine and optionally modify the requests and responses.

Ian Prest has another description of the protocol, as used by the 3000 series with 3.0 software. He also has a system available for supplying a complete set of channel guide information to 3000s.


-- ToddLarason - 06 Apr 2002

Not sure if this is the right forum to ask my question but... Summary of issue(s) I'm having with connectivity: So here's what I have (and yet to figure out) found. I have a PIX 501 firewall and that my RTV (5040) and other inside workstations connected to. I have assigned a static (inside) addr to the RTV unit and defined TCP 40000 on my PIX for PAT translation. (My ISP connection is a PPoE? DSL service) I also am hosting my own web server that I am allowing TCP port 80 to from the outside (AKA: Translation/Forwarding). Temporarly for diag purposes I have allowed ALL TCP/UDP/ICMP taffic in (You'll understand where I'm going w/ this in a second...

Test #1 - PIX 501 in place *Coldboot (or warmboot) the RTV unit to init IP stack. Perform continous ping test to RTV unit. After 10-15 min. PING test FAIL and RTV unit has shutdown it's IP stack.

Test #2 - Swap out PIX 501 with 2WIRE firewall *Coldboot (or warmboot) the RTV unit to init IP stack. Perform continous ping test to RTV unit. RTV works contiously WITHOUT failure (no matter how long ping test is conducted for). The 2wire firewall is a "low end" firewall I had and have it configured with same settings (allowed traffic & Ports/hosts) as I did for PIX 501 (well as close as possible on 2Wire since 2Wire management interface is rather limited in functionality....)

.... Any thoughts on how to resolve this annoyance, the 2wire is not my endgame choice to stay w/ a firewall solution but need to get the RTV's functionality working.

-David A

-- TWikiGuest - 31 Jan 2003

David A, This is a bug with the 5k replay units. they have issues with static IP addressing. i have had a similar issue, but not a pronounced as yours. i just switched to DHCP which i saw as a recomenation on the AvsForum

-- BenMason - 13 Apr 2003

Any interest in collaboratively modifying Ian's RNS system to support ReplayTV 4000 units? Should be simple to do (given that the Rns Proxy exists), but it doesn't look like anyone's done it yet.

-- TWikiGuest - 23 Apr 2003

i've already started to look at doing that. i'm looking more at the 5k units, but from what i;ve found the protocol for the 5k and 4k units are pretty much the same.

-- BenMason - 23 Apr 2003

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