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Graphic File Formats and Scheme Info


The UI elements on the ReplayTV 4000 are created from graphics files in three formats: BMP, BMX and JPEG. BMP and JPEG files are standard (defacto and dejure) formats; BMX appears to be Replay-specific, but is closely related to the BMP format.


I think all the BMP files on the system use the same colormap, and are a holdover from the 256-color graphics capability of the 2000 and 3000 series models.

This writeup on the BMP format is useful.


The JPG files appear to be perfectly standard JPG/JFIF files.


BMX files have a header, a colormap, and bitmap data encoded in a restricted subset of the 8-bit RLE encoding used in BMP files.

Unlike other file formats on the Replay, all the multi-byte fields in BMX files are stored in little-endian format.

BMX header

struct bmx_header {
    u32 magic;       /* 'BMX ' */
    u16 version;     /* guess -- always 1 */
    u16 width;       /* image width in pixels */
    u16 height;      /* image height in pixels */
    u16 colors;      /* guess -- always 0x100 */
    u32 datasize;    /* the size of the compressed bitmap data, in bytes */

BMX Color Map

struct colors {
    u8 unused;       /* always 0xff  - may be alpha channel for future use */
    u8 blue;
    u8 green;
    u8 red;
} colors[256];

Bitmap Stream

The bitmap byte stream consists of pairs of counts and values, each one byte. If the count is non-zero, the value is repeated count times.

If count is zero, then value is an escape code. If it's 0, then the row is complete; this is used at the end of every row, and only after every pixel in that row has been filled in. If it's 1, then the bitmap is complete; this is always used at the end of the bitmap, and only after the final row is finished. The value 2, used for arbitary horizontal/vertical deltas in BMP files, isn't used in BMX files. Values of 3 or above mean that that many bytes following are literal values; if it's odd, then there's a junk byte to throw away immediately following.

This encoding is a restricted form of the BMP 8-bit RLE encoding; end-of-row markers occur only at the end of rows; end-of-bitmap markers occur only after the last row; delta encodings aren't used.

The rows are filled in left to right, bottom to top.

The pixel values are indices into the color table, which gives actual red/green/blue values.

Resource Files

Usually, graphics files are actually read from two sets of resource files, AppShell? and Apps; each set consists of .Bitmaps.dat, .Bitmaps.idx, .Bitmaps.prm and .ResInfo.txt files.

The ResInfo?.txt file is a text file in a Windows .ini-style format:

FirstResourceID = 1
IndexBufferSize = 4096
BitmapBufferSize = 81920
BitmapBufferThreshhold = 81920
IndexReadPolicy = ReadAhead
BitmapReadPolicy = ReadAhead


"PopupMenu/menuTitle.bmx"                           // IDB_POPUPMENU_TITLE,
"PopupMenu/menuTitleCap.bmx"                        // IDB_POPUPMENU_TITLE_CAP,
"PopupMenu/menuDescriptionArea.bmx"                 // IDB_POPUPMENU_DESCRIPTION,
"PopupMenu/menuItemNormal.bmx"                      // IDB_POPUPMENU_ITEM_NORMAL,
Given this file, and the graphics files listed in the Bitmaps section, the Replay builds the other files itself.

The .Bitmap.dat file contains the actual graphics contents, essentially the files concatenated together. Padding is added between files as necessary so each one starts on a 4-byte boundary. BMP files are stored without their header and colormap (as mentioned above, all the BMP files on the system share a palette, apparently partially hardcoded and partially loaded from the Palette/_2_(normal).pal BMP file); JPEG and BMX files are stored intact.

The .Bitmap.idx file is a FiledArray file of 24-byte AppResource?::BitmapDesc records.


Offset Size Name Notes
0 8 start offset into the .Bitamp.dat file of the start of this bitmap's data
8 4 length length of the data stored in the .Bitmap.dat file
12 4 width image width in pixels
16 4 height image height in pixels
20 2 unk1 data type code 0=uncompressed bmp, 1=8bit-rle bmp 8 = jpg, 16 = png (unimplemented) 32 = bmx
22 1 unk2 vertical flip flag? every sample has '8'
23 1 unk3 bitdepth 8 for bmp, 32 for jpg and bmx

The last word is troublesome; sometimes it's treated as a high u16 and a low u8 (and the u8 in the middle ignored); sometimes it's treated as a word, with bitmasking. bitmasks 0xffc0f700 and 0x003f08ff are treated as disjoint sets; everything in the index matches the second mask (assuming type is only 6 bits).

The .prm files are paramters from the [Resource] block of the ResInfo?.txt file. They consist of a single 28-byte record:

Offset Size Name Notes
0 4 magic always '1' -- probably a version tag
4 4 first_resource_id corresponds to FirstResourceID? value
8 4 index_buffer_size corresponds to IndexBuferSize? value
12 4 bitmap_buffer_size corresponds to BitmapBufferSize?
16 4 bitmap_buffer_threshhold corresponds to BitmapBufferThreshold?
20 4 index_read_policy a BufferedFileReadPolicyCode which corresponds to IndexReadPolicy?
24 4 bitmap_read_policy a BufferedFileReadPolicyCode which corresponds to BitmapReadPolicy?


-- ToddLarason - 09 Mar 2002

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