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VxWorks includes an ftp server, but it's disabled during the bootup process.

Running the shell command call ftpdInit 0 0 starts it running again; after that, you can ftp to your Replay4000 with any ftp client.

Attempting to list the root directory, /replay, or /replay/name will crash the system, so don't do that. The only directories/file-systems I'm aware of are /replay/name/system, /replay/name/mpeg and /replay/name/storage; those match up with the three file systems on the drive, exposed by ExtractRtv?. If there are others, they're either virtual or networked (it appears, at least in a development environment with a VxWorks development host, /machinename is a cross-machine way to refer to =machinename='s root directory; it would be nice to know what magic is needed to make this work).

The ftpd runs at a pretty low priority, and transfers are slower than with httpfs, but this might be useful for people who can't or don't want to use the HTTPFSExportHack, but do have a way of running shell commands.

-- ToddLarason - 12 Apr 2002

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