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This comes with absolutely no guarantees. Do not use this information if you're at all unsure about your ability to recover from disaster. Do not blame me if something goes wrong.



This information is very version-specific. It applies to version 520411140 ("4.1.1") only, and should not be assumed to apply to any previous or future versions.


This change replaces the functionality of the httputils-sendciomessage request with that of the hypothetical httputils-shell message. As presented, it doesn't change the name of the command, just the meaning.

That is, after making this change, the request runs the video scaling demonstration.

As mentioned in the HttpUtils page, it appears the response was intended to be a string like "Executed ..., result was ####". In fact, the response is empty. This may indicate that the string is being written to an incorrect memory location, which would lead to crashes in the best case. The output of the shell command itself isn't returned, and doesn't appear to be otherwise available.

The send-a-remote-command purpose of sendciomessage is thus disabled; the same results can be achieved by requesting to load the IRMTS module, which includes an rmt command; it can be used by requestion something like"rmt%20191".

the Change

Modify sys*/Platform/Plymouth/Modules/HttpUtils.out as follows:

Open Questions

Notes is an arbitrary address being used in these examples. Substitute the IP address of your ReplayTV.

-- ToddLarason - 06 Apr 2002

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