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The RomImage file (Platform/Plymouth/Modules/ROM/rom.bin or mirror/ROM/data/rom.bin) consists of a 32-byte header followed by the actual ROM image.

The header:

Offset Size Description
0 4 'PMAP'
4 4 the number 0x20; possibly the header size
8 4 bytewise checksum of the non-header parts of the file, xored with 0xFFFFFFFF
12 4 filesize, not counting the header
16 2 ROM version number; major then minor (ie, "0.38" is 0x0026)
18 10 all 0s
28 4 bytewise checksum of the first 27 bytes of the header, xored with 0xFFFFFFFF

Not much is yet known about the ROM itself, except that the bulk of it is zlib-compressed data; in version 0.38 and 0.43 this image starts at offset 47857 and takes up the rest of the file, except the last 4 bytes. Those last four bytes may be uninitialized, just to push the file to a size that's a multiple of 16 bytes, or may be a checksum for the compressed image.

The version number of the currently-loaded ROM is found by searching the ROM area of memory for the string "ReplayTV", then skipping to the version number in the string "ReplayTv,Inc. Plymouth/Gaea Version: 0.38"

The cmpressed image is apparently loaded at 0x801E0000 (given one data point -- data at 0xb7ca0 in the file is referenced by a 0x80297ca0 pointer). -- ToddLarason - 04 Jun 2002

the beginning of the compressed part is uncompressed to 0x801e0000 -- verified at runtime -- but by +0x10000 that no longer seems to be true. the rom image itself seems to start at 0x80010000 -- the 2nd 64k section of the flash? there's boot parms in an early page of the first sector of the flash. (including a username & password -- for the dialup?)

-- ToddLarason - 27 Jun 2002

The ROM is visible at various addresses (physical vs. mapped? check Run Mips Run again), but the 'main' address seems to be 0xbfc00000 through 0xbfc7ffff.

The bulk of it is simply the data from rom.bin (everything after the 32-byte header) starting at the beginning, then a blank area made up of 0xff bytes, followed by the FlashData unit-configuration data at the very end.

-- TWikiGuest - 04 Jul 2002

How do extract the ROM image from my RTV unit? I don't have the service yet, and my 10 day demo is expired, can I still access the file system remotely with ReplayPC or do I need to connect the HDD to my PC?

-- TWikiGuest - 06 Feb 2003

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