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Replay Dynamic DNS


RDDNS is a protocol that maps ISNs (InternetSerialNumber) to IP addresses and ports. It's the first step in the Replay 4000's Internet Video Sharing system.


All RDDNS messages are encrypted with ReplayEncryption using checksum #0.


ISNs are strings like "00055-09166-12345".


An update message is sent every hour; an HTTP GET request is made to The data after the 'q=' is hex encoded cyphertext corresponding to the plaintext isn=ISN&port=port. ISN is the ISN of this ReplayTV. port is the port number the Replay is configured to listen on; the IP address isn't sent as part of the message, it's taken from the message itself.

The expected response is binary cyphertext data that decrypts to "1000 OK" followed by several spaces.


A lookup message is encoded similarly to an update message; it's instead sent to The encrypted cyphertext corresponds to the plaintext isn=ISN. ISN is the ISN of the ReplayTV you wish to contact.

The response is binary cyphertext data that decrypts to an XML document, such as:

<UnitTicket isn="00055-09166-55204" ip="" port="4080"
lastupdateddate="2002-02-22 10:54:50" />
for a successful lookup, or

<ReplayError type="WORKER" id="5000" description="Unit not found on Dynamic
DNS Server" param="ISN not found" message="no unit found with this ISN in the
database" />
for an error.

Software Changes

The initial release of the 4000 software used different URLs, and, and had them modifyable at runtime from registry keys; the December 2001 and January 2002 updates have hardcoded URLs as shown above.

-- ToddLarason - 09 Mar 2002

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