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Replay 5000 series introduces a new exported file in addition to .mpg and .ndx. These are .evt files.

Header (8)

Offset Size Name Notes
0 4 static_text "weas" Only appears on first record.
4 4 headervalue1 0x00000001. Might be version.

Record (24)

Offset Size Name Notes
0 8 timer nanoseconds since start of recording.
8 4 unknown3 Always 0xFFFFFFFF. Haven't seen this change.
12 4 datatype 1 = audio, 2 video
16 4 audiopower Audio power used over the last audio interval (normally 24ms)
20 4 blacklevel Black level (seems to be average color levels) within the last video interval (normally 33ms) (Only 3 bytes might actually be used as R G B respectively.

DataType Description Value Field
1 Audio audiopower
2 Video blacklevel

The EVT tracks both the fade to silence and fade to black within a timespan. If one is triggered, there are entries for the other if they fall below a certain threshold (not sure the exact values), seems to be 64 for video and 11,000 for audio.

Commercials can be detected by a simultaneous video fade to black and an audio fade.

EVT files larger than around 150K are likely messed up. This appears to be a bug within the ReplayTV OS.

(Big thanks to an anonymous source for figuring this out!)

-- LeeThompson - 29 Jun 2003

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