ReplayTV Shell

I *finally* figured out how to get to a shell! There's a command "ptvio on" that sets a bit in the flash memory so that a second serial port is enabled on subsequent boots. You need to connect a PC to pins 1 (Tx, PC pin 3), 4 (Rx, PC pin 2) and 5 (ground,PC pin 5) of the Replay's serial port, then run a terminal program set to 8N1 38400 BPS. You'll see debug info during the bootup and occasionally afterwards. You'll also get a PTV> prompt where you can enter commands.

PTV Shell commands:
?               Shows this list
arm             Arm the watchdog
assert          Usage: assert [on|off]
addpart         Adds a partition to a partition table
blast           send a command to the IR blaster
bufsize         Changes shell buffer size
breakifdebug    Stops startup script at this point if debug switch is on
cause           Display cause register
cccap           Closed Caption Capture To File
cctest          Closed Caption Capture Test
ccverif         Closed Caption Capture Verify
ccwr            Write Captured Data To File
cd              Changes current directory
cdsys           Changes current directory to system directory
cioclient       Runs a CIO Client Task (argv[1] is the CIO Priority).
clock           Toggles display of the on screen clock.
closesystem     Closes the system directory
cluster         Change cluster size of an OMFS volume
conloop         Loop connecting to network
connect         Connect to the network
cp              Copies a file
cpmpeg          copies part of a MPEG file
cpumeter        Toggles display of the on screen cpu meter.
create          Creates an empty file
date            Get/set the date
dcd             Display modem DCD status
debug           Sends a DEBUG command to task with queue number 
depop           Depopulates a file
devinfo         Print info about a device
devs            Prints a list of devices
diff            Compare two files
disconnect      Disconnect from the network
diskinfo        Reads or writes disk info
ds              Prints the current state of live VCR
dsp             ASDP 2181 debug
dss             Tune the DSS
du              Print disk usage
dump            Dump memory
dumplog         Dumps the kernel's logging data
dumppart        Prints a partition table
dumpvol         Prints internal volume info
echo            Echos the rest of the command line
eeinit          IR Blaster erase and init EEPROM
eeerase         IR Blaster erase EEPROM
eeprog          IR Blaster program slot
error           Calls the error handlers to print a meaningful message for the e
fixdisks        Expand partition 2 into one or two disks
flashtest       Tests the Flash
format          Formats a volume
formatinfo      Reads format info from a volume
fpgaupdate      Update the FPGA
fpgaver         Output FPGA version
frags           Shows memory fragmentation.
fsck            Checks FS consistency
fstore          Perform operations on the flash store
fsr             Fail safe recovery function
getbsn          Get PCB serial number
getoem          Get the OEM Identity
getspencebits   Reads spence bits
getusn          Get unit serial number
getversion      Get build version numbers
gunzip          Uncompress a gzip file
halt            Forces a warm boot
help            Shows this list
hexdump         Dumps a file
httpget         Get a file via HTTP
httppost        Post a file via HTTP
ide             Control the IDE driver
idetest         Test IDE
idle            Waits for  seconds, and measures the idle loop counter i
n that time
initfsshell     Initialize FS shell
ir              IDT/SIM ir command - ir   
irbch           IR Blaster channel out
irbdelay        IR Blaster interdigit delay
irbdev          IR Blaster set device type
irbkeyok        IR Blaster check for key
irbout          IR Blaster key out
irbreset        IR Blaster reset
irbsinfo        IR Blaster get slot info
irmapok         IR Blaster check for map
isd             I2C Slave debug
it              I2C test command - it   ...
iw              IDT/SIM iw command - iw   
kill            Kills the named task
ledtest         Test front panel LEDs
ls              Lists files
matchmaker      Requests status from ad engine; matchmaker ? for details
maxtickle       Prints out the maximum interval between watchdog tickles.
md5             Compute MD5 checksum of a file
mdir            Manage Mirror Directories
memmeter        Toggles display of the on screen memory meter.
memstat         Shows memory usage.
mfg             Enter manufacturing password
microver        Get the version of the microcontroller firmware
mkdir           Creates an empty directory
mkpart          Writes a partition table to a disk
modemstat       Display modem statistics
modemtest       Test the modem
modemtest2      Modem pass thru mode
mount           Mounts a partition
mountfat        Mounts a FAT file as a partition
mpeg            IDT/SIM mpeg w/r command
MPEGDecoderTest Tests the MPEG Decoder
mv              Renames a file
netapp          Shows sttate of Net App
netlookup       Perform DNS lookup
netstat         Display networking statistics
nettest         Test the network
nettime         Get the time from the network
newcioclient    Display IR/Fron-Panel Inputs
NTSCEncoderTest Tests the NTSC Encoder
opensystem      Opens the system directory
peek            Peek at a memory location
piodir          Set direction of PIO signal
pioeff          Set effect of PIO signal
pioget          Get PIO signal value
pioset          Set PIO signal value
playMPEG        Play an MPEG file
poke            Poke a memory location
pop             Populates a file
printalloc      Print allocated memory
printspace      Print used disk space
printlogevents  Toggles printing of LOGEVENTs to the console.
ps              Shows task process status.
ptvio           Set or get PTV serial flag
pwd             Prints current directory
quit            Closes down the console
readbyte        Reads a byte from a file
readfile        Reads a file
readwrite       Simultaneous read/write
readdev         Read from a device
reboot          Reboot the system (hardware reset)
recordMPEG      Record an MPEG file
reformat        Reformats a volume
remote          Enters simulated remote control mode.
repeat          Repeat the given shell command
resize          Resizes a volume
rm              Removes files
rmpart          Removes a partition from a partition table
rmt             Dispatches a PDM PersonalTV CIO InputCommand, with atol(argv[1])
 as the CIO_Command
romupdate       Update the system ROM
romver          Output ROM version
rtcget          Set RTC time
rtcset          Set RTC time
rtcsinit        Initialize RTCS (networking)
rundisk         Disk stress test
s7201           Debug SAA7201
script          Execute the named scripts

serialtest      Test the PMON serial port
setbsn          Set PCB serial number
setoem          Set the OEM Identity
setpart         Sets attributes on a partition
setrdcl         Set Remote Control Debug Level
setticklethresh Sets tickle threshhold in seconds for watchdog logging.
setusn          Set unit serial number
sleep           Delay for N milliseconds
stacks          Shows stack used by each task
standby         Power On/Standby control.
status          Display status register
stealmem        Allocates memory
sync            Flushes a file to disk
syslog          Add an entry to the system log
time            Get/set the time
techsupport     Makes future net connects "tech support"
tickle          Tickle the watchdog
tl750test       Tests tl750 SDRAM
tlb             TLB debug
transact        Do inbox/outbox transactions
tune            Tune to RF channel
type            Types a file
typein          Copies typed input into a file
ub              Unblocks a task 
unmount         Unmounts a partition
userinfo        Displays or sets user info.
vbi             Debug VBI CAP
volinfo         Prints volume information
wait            Waits for  seconds
writebyte       Writes a byte to a file
writefile       Creates & writes a file