ReplayTV Hidden Stuff

Hidden Zones

111+Zones - play tic-tac-toe (if enabled in the CFP).

243+Zones - utility screen with clock, cpu meter, net connect and claw foot portal.

411+Zones - shows info about the system, including version #s.

611+Zones + 116+Zones - show service screen.

777+Zones - demo settings - has restore factory defaults button.

876+Zones - require setup after next reboot.

CFP Commands



JULIE - prints "Spencer loves Julie."

SPORTSGUARD ON/OFF - turns on main menu/setup/change default record options to include SportsGuard, a soft padding of sports events.

TIC TAC TOE - enables 111+Zones to play tic-tac-toe.

ME LIKE COOKIES - prints one of many funny phrases.

3RT8OMT - prints I am for you. I think it also toggles a registry setting.

Easter Egg

I found out how to display a credits Easter egg showing people associated with hardware, software, "user experience", Q&A, HR and special thanks.

Go to main menu / setup / change display brightness and hit 888+zones. Try FF, REW, STOP, Display and Input.