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From a 2020, "Sutter Board P/N 3200001 REV A3"


Chip Name High-Level Purpose
three HY57V16161OD SDRAM
Analog Devices ADSP-2185 16-bit DSP
Micronas MSP 3430G A4 sound processor
Philips SAA7114 NTSC decoder
Philips SAA7120 NTSC encoder
a chip with a printed logo with two vertical rows of dots, name ending in 'e', with a sticker over it reading "0800010 FPGA V3.2" FPGA (or Lattice CPU?)
SonyCXD19220? MPEG Encoder
Philips SAA7201 MPEG Decoder
2x Mt4LC1M16E5DJ-5 memory?
U39 Flash CS:E3c9 Flash memory
Philips SAA7214 MPEG transport stream demuxer?
socketed chip with sticker "V19 0800007C"
3x 74ACTQ373
N922 KS88P01408-AG UEIC presumably IR sender
Rockwell RCV336ACFW modem

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-- ToddLarason - 26 May 2002

Philips SAA7214 it looks like you can take the question mark off:

"The SAA7214 receives transport streams through a versatile stream input interface capable of handling both byte-parallel and bit-serial streams, in various formats, supporting data streams up to and including 13.5 Mbytes/s (108 Mbits/s). The stream data is first applied to an on-chip descrambler incorporating DVB descrambling algorithm, on the basis of 6 control word pairs stored in on-chip RAM. Demultiplexing is subsequently applied to the stream, to separate up to 32 individual data streams. "

-- LeeThompson - 28 May 2002

Data sheet on the SAA7114 is at

It appears to be capable (perhaps different versions?) of PAL and SECAM as well.

-- LeeThompson - 28 May 2002

Data sheet on the SAA7120 is at

This is also PAL/NTSC capable. It supports Macrovision 6.1 and 7.

-- LeeThompson - 28 May 2002

Data sheet on the SAA7201 is at

"The SAA7201 is an MPEG2 decoder which combines audio decoding and video decoding. Additionally to these basic MPEG functions it also provides means for enhanced graphics and/or on-screen display. Due to an optimized architecture for audio and video decoding, maximum capacity in the external memory and processing power from the external CPU is available for the support for graphics. "

-- LeeThompson - 28 May 2002

The "FPGA" chip is a Lattice something -- the logo fits. As far as I can tell, Lattice doesn't (and hasn't ever) made processors per-se, though -- FPGAs and the like.

I can't find a datasheet for a SonyCXD19220?, but there's a SonyCXD1922Q? - - that's an MPEG encoder; I probably misread the chip label.

The SAA7214, besides doing transport decoding, includes a "PR3001 RISC processor" -- I'm guessing that's a MIPS3000 core, and is actually the system CPU in addition to any transport decoding it's doing.

-- ToddLarason - 28 May 2002 says the SAA7214/PR3001 is a 40mhz 32-bit MIPS-II core, 1 pipeline stage to clock tick (40MIPS)

-- ToddLarason - 28 May 2002

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