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Systeme Electronique Couleur Avec Memoire (Sequential Color with Memory)

Adopted in 1967, it has 625 lines and 25 frames per second. Similar to PAL.

Albania, Benin, Bulgaria, Congo, former Czechosolvakia, Djibouti, Egypt, France, French Guiana, Gabon, Greece (also PAL), Guadeloupe, Haiti, Hungary, Iran, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Lebanon, Libya, Luxembourg (also PAL), Madagascar, Martinique, Mauritius, Monaco (also PAL), Mongolia, Morocco, New Caledonia, Niger, Poland, Reunion, Romania, Saudi Arabia (also PAL), Senegal, Syria, Tahiti, Togo, Tunisia, former USSR, Viet Nam, Zaire.

VCRs featuring MESECAM will record SECAM signals in such a fashion, that can be later viewed on PAL televisions. This system is incompatible with both PAL and SECAM, and a MESECAM VCR is required to play MESECAM tapes.

Technical Details

Standard SECAM B, G, H SECAM D, K, K1, L
Lines/Field 625/50 625/50
Horizontal Frequency 15.625 kHz 15.625 kHz
Vertical Frequency 50 Hz 50 Hz
Video Bandwidth 5.0 MHz 6.0 MHz
Audio Carrier 5.5 MHz (AM) 6.5 MHz (AM)

-- LeeThompson - 24 Mar 2002

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