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Time synchronization is done with the standard NTP protocol; the server used is, which is right now just another way of specifying the same machines as

This server name isn't separately configurable; it appears to be generated simply by prepending "ntp-" to a valid RnsProtocol server name. ntp-rns-1 and ntp-rns-2 are both valid as expected, but ntp-rns-backup currently is not.

Starting with GaeaSoftware 4.3, an additional Time Verification step is added; this is HTTP based like the rest of the RnsProtocol.

The URL looks like:

The 'r' argument is a sequence of a random number (25 to 35) of randomly chosen alphanumeric characters.

The response has content type application/vnd.replay.vtime; it's actually the raw binary form of an elgemal signature (as used for FileVerification) of the md5hash of the time argument and the r argument, concatentated.

-- ToddLarason - 27 Mar 2002

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