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This request allows Replay to do extend the RNS protocol as needed.

The query looks like:'Delay'N'1''Enabled'N'1')DefaultPlayback('CommercialSkipEnabled'N'1')Internet('InternetEnabled'N'1'))

The cstate argument is constructed from the Software/Apps/Net/ShellCommandState RegistrySetting?. Each subkey is named, with its values in parentheses, in turn; there's no delimiter between separate keys.

The exact encoding isn't known, due to sparcity of samples; the cstate shown corresponds to registry settings:

   <key name="ShellCommandState">
    <key name="PauseAds">
     <val name="Delay" type="value32">1</val>
     <val name="Enabled" type="value32">1</val>
    <key name="DefaultPlayback">
     <val name="CommercialSkipEnabled" type="value32">1</val>
    <key name="Internet">
     <val name="InternetEnabled" type="value32">1</val>

The keys and values are single quoted, and there's no delimeter between successive entries. The N may mean numeric. Whether there's a delimeter between successive categories of entries is an open question.

These registry entries don't seem to be used for anything other than sending in this query; for these items at least, there are other registry settings which actually change behavior.

The response, content-type text/plain, is a shell script to be executed. It's usually empty.

By sending a query with modified cstate, we can see how the server responds to other states. Reversing the 0 and =1=s in cstate, for instance, gets a response:

regedit setval Software/Apps/PauseAds PrimaryDelay 30
regedit setval Software/Apps/PauseAds SecondaryDelay 300
regedit setval Software/Apps/Net/ShellCommandState/PauseAds Delay 1
regedit setval Software/Apps/PauseAds EnablePauseAd 1
regedit setval Software/Apps/Net/ShellCommandState/PauseAds Disabled 0

or, as of 17 April 2002:

regedit setval Software/Apps/PauseAds EnablePauseAd 1
regedit setval Software/Apps/Net/ShellCommandState/PauseAds Enabled 1
regedit setval SysConfig/DefaultPlayback CommercialSkipEnabled 1
regedit setval Software/Apps/Net/ShellCommandState/DefaultPlayback CommercialSkipEnabled 1
regedit setval Software/Apps/Internet InternetEnabled 1
regedit setval Software/Apps/Net/ShellCommandState/Internet InternetEnabled 1

-- ToddLarason - 27 Mar 2002

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