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This query schedules the next 'call' (nightly update).

The query looks like:,14400&tz=PST8PDT

The arguments are the local TimeZone?, and the time response from the previous getnextcall query.

The response is text, content-type text/plain, like:


Some people believe the numbers given in the time line to define a time window during which a call may be placed, specified as seconds-after-local-midnight and duration, in seconds (ie, 7200,14400 = 2am-6am (2 hours after midnight, 4 hours duration). I think I've seen calls made outside this window, but I'm not positive about that.

The wtime line presumably gives probability weights for various timeframes; ie, 10% chance during the first hour, 15% during the next, 40% for the third, and 35% for the last. requests

This query updates the list of RNSProtocol servers.

The query looks like:

The response, content-type text/plain, is a simple list:

Right now, all four of those addresses are mapped to the same two machines.

Those names changed in Late April or early May 2002; the older names, etc, still work; the new names point to the same addresses as the old ones. requests

This request gets the global dialup numbers; the 4000 makes it even though the modem is nonfunctional or disabled.

The query looks like:

The response, content-type text-plain, is a list like:

(800) 590-4857|1-[1,3]-[6,8]|[1,3]-[6,8]        US^^
(877) 864-8545|1-[1,3]-[6,8]|[1,3]-[6,8]        CA^^
0665990280|[0,10]       JP^^
8450801000|[0,10]       GB
018009266000|[0,12]     MX
the "^^" are actually control-^ characters.

On pre-4000 requests, the phone argument's value is the first six digits of the user's phone number (area code & prefix).

This request gets the local dialup numbers; the 4000 doesn't make this request.

The query looks like:

The response is in the same format as for responses, but the phone numbers (if any) are local to the user.


Pre-4000 information for, and all the information for, comes from Ian Prest's documentation. -- ToddLarason - 27 Mar 2002

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