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The normal login request, used as part of the nightly update process, looks like
. The attempts argument appears to be the number of attempts that have been made since the last success (starting count at 1), while total is the number of successful updates that have occured. Not all successful connections get counted, however; this may be due to subsequent crashes before the count is saved to disk. total may be reset to 0 when the software is updated.

Other observed action values are SetupPing, SetupLocal, SetupGlobal and SetupSystem. Further investigation is required to determine exactly what setup actions each of these correspond to.

There is never a body to the response, and all of the subsequent requests work without this one having been used; the only purpose appears to be for logging on the server side, presumably to help Replay monitor overall system performance and possibly to help troubleshoot individual user problems.

-- ToddLarason - 11 Mar 2002

my replay 5040 with software version 530451320 appears to use the following login request when running a manual download from the 243-zones menu.

GET /cgi-bin/2.0/ HTTP/1.1

and replys with

HTTP/1.1 200 OK

-- BenMason - 12 Apr 2003

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