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For each of several asset groups, a request is made like:
In that example, rz-home is the asset group; it describes the overall structure of the ReplayZones. It's not known how it determines what asset groups to ask for (the "rz-" part for the ReplayZone groups can be specified via the 611 MagicZone?).

If-None-Matched headers are used for these requests, so the usual response is 304 Not Modified. The response body is a text file describing other files that may need to be downloaded. There's a NUL byte at the end of the If-None-Matched header line, outside the closing quote on the value; that appears to be a bug.

Asset Groups

The known asset groups are:

name description
rz-home Main ReplayZone data
rz-more MoreMoreMore! ReplayZone data
rz-xzone X-Zone ReplayZone data
rz-sitcom Sitcoms ReplayZone data
rz-scifi2 Sci-Fi ReplayZone data
rz-music Music ReplayZone data
rz-sports Sports ReplayZone data
rz-family Family ReplayZone data
rz-movies Movies ReplayZone data
sys-setup-gaea system configuration files, such as progressive mode timings and IR blaster codes
sys-customize unknown
message system messages
amgr-grp1 pause ad data

Result Format

The body starts with a header:
#files 23
#bytes 129033
This indicates servers to download from, the total number of files in this asset group, and the total download size.

Following the body are a series of lines like:

d 1004728827 "irbdata" "/mirror/sys-setup-gaea/irbdata"
f 1004557271 "irbdata/ABCCableBox" "/mirror/sys-setup-gaea/irbdata/ABCCableBox.gz"
f 1004557271 "irbdata/AllegroCableBox" "/mirror/sys-setup-gaea/irbdata/AllegroCableBox.gz"
The first field is a type, 'd' for a directory to be created, or 'f' for a file. The second field is a TimeT date indicating when the file was last modified; this can be used to avoid downloading unmodified files, even when other files in the asset group have been modified. Third is a destination name; this is relative to "/user/mirror/asset group/data" (there's also a directory; presumably files are downloaded there, then moved over when they're complete). The final field is the source name; if it ends in .gz, then the source is gzipped and should be unzipped after being downloaded.

Followup requests

The source filename is combined with the server names to give a straightforward URL. Given the above example, if the "irbdata/ABCCableBox" file had been modified since it was last downloaded, the Replay would then make a request for:

-- ToddLarason - 16 Mar 2002

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