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RNS Authorization

With GaeaSoftware 4.1, this request looks like:
An If-None-Match header is used, like:
   If-None-Match: "1-1"
Thus, the usual response is a 304 Not Modified.

Making the request manually, we can see the full body:

regedit setval SysConfig/Auth RegisteredMyReplayTV 1
This tells the Replay to perform the upload part of the MyReplayTV Synchronization step of the RnsProtocol (the download part is always done).
As of 17 April 2002, the response to this has changed somewhat.

The current ETag value is "allok-m1-1020124642-0-0-1-1" and the full response body is:

regedit delete SysConfig/Auth
regedit setval SysConfig/Auth Activated 1
regedit setval SysConfig/Auth Registered 0
regedit setval SysConfig/Auth RegisteredMyReplayTV 1
regedit setval SysConfig/Auth/ChannelGuide/OK Eff 0
regedit setval SysConfig/Auth/ChannelGuide/OK Exp 0
regedit setval SysConfig/Auth/ChannelGuide/OK Auth 1
regedit setval SysConfig/Auth/ReplayGuide/OK Eff 0
regedit setval SysConfig/Auth/ReplayGuide/OK Exp 0
regedit setval SysConfig/Auth/ReplayGuide/OK Auth 1
regedit setval SysConfig/Auth/Zones/OK Eff 0
regedit setval SysConfig/Auth/Zones/OK Exp 0
regedit setval SysConfig/Auth/Zones/OK Auth 1
regedit setval SysConfig/Auth/View/OK Eff 0
regedit setval SysConfig/Auth/View/OK Exp 0
regedit setval SysConfig/Auth/View/OK Auth 1
regedit setval SysConfig/Auth/Record/OK Eff 0
regedit setval SysConfig/Auth/Record/OK Exp 0
regedit setval SysConfig/Auth/Record/OK Auth 1
>/name/system/user/Setup/SAMessage <<__EOF__
By registering with the ReplayTV Service, you can take full advantage of the lat
est features, including MyReplayTV, which allows you to schedule recordings from
 the Web.

To register with the ReplayTV Service:
* Call 1-800-933-5899
* Or visit our Web site at

Please have the following key ready:
regedit setstr SysConfig/AuthCtl Valid "3d617c06e51471b1e7575839a243391f"
regedit setstr SysConfig/AuthCtl ValidSig2 "000000105ffde1faad40b0bbb5835ba16c9683e2665f59b060f4c4fb2ec1777409166fce36c72ba84e268783885673e03f08cc84604f8822546844b735aa09017e84024d00000010988efd6f910cd5099631136fbfa78480ae10b6870ec1a68c518eb2d7559c8d0078bd15d033cad610f31af978464fa9016538f13244f566bf806e135985f543e8"

The AuthCtl parts verify that the Auth parts are valid.

GaeaSoftware 4.3 instead makes a request like:
The udate is obviously a TimeT, but it's not clear yet what sets it.

The response is of the same format as above, but the SysConfig/Auth tree is considerably more complex (at least for unregistered devices); for each of the auth categories, messages are set for display during the grace period (4 of them, each with a start and end TimeT), for after expiration, and in case the clock is backdated; a new Menu key is added to Auth as well.

3.0 software instead makes a request like:
The ETag value is of the form "allok-2-973729063-973934292-1-1-1".
This may predate the RnsShellCommands step, with that added as a later generalization, or it may be separate so that MyReplayTV transactions can take effect the first night after registration. Simply moving the synchronization step later in the process should have the same effect, though.


pre-4000 information comes from Ian Prest's documentation.

-- ToddLarason - 11 Mar 2002

I don't know if I'm understanding the shell commands process completely, but since the request returns a list with a verification signature, couldn't you intercept this request, and return a 304 message? And then later on intercept the request and return new auth codes to the system? the request doesn't require any verification signing, the only thing i can think of that woudl stop this is they wrapped the modification of the auth tree with the verification check.

-- TWikiGuest - 10 Dec 2002

The auth tree is wrapped in a verification check -- that's what the AuthCtl Valid & ValidSig2? items are. See the AuthCtl page for details.

-- ToddLarason - 10 Dec 2002

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