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ReplayTV 5000 Series

For MPEG-2 usage with the 4000 series, visit the ReplayTVMPEG-2Usage section.

Quick Reference

QualitySetting Resolution Video Bitrate Audio Bitrate
High 720x480 (D1) 9Mbps VBR 192 kbps
Medium 720x480 (D1) 7Mbps VBR 192 kbps
Standard/Extended 352x480 (HHR) 2MBps VBR 192 kbps

Although the streams are all VBR (Variable Bitrate) the MPEG header shows a constant or nominal bitrate. It should also be noted that High can peak at 12Mbps which is incompatible with DVD specifications which max at 9.7Mbps.

Technical Profile

Parameter Setting
System Stream Type Program
Video Standard NTSC
Video Compression MPEG-2
Video Bitrates (see above)
Resolution (see above)
Frame Rate 29.97 fps
Drop Frame Flag Not Set
Constrained No
IQ Matrix False
Non-IQ Matrix False
Aspect Ratio (Standard) 4:3 (640x480)
Aspect Ratio (High/Medium) 4:3 (720x540)
Sequence Format Interlaced
Field Order A (top first)
Chroma Format 4:2:0
Profile/Level MP@ML
Color Primaries SMPTE 170M
Transfer SMPTE 170M
Matrix SMPTE 170M
Quantizer Scanning Pattern alternate
Quantizer Scale 1
Intra DC Precision 8
Intra VLC Format 0
Audio Compression MPEG-1 Layer 2
Audio Stream Stereo, 48kHz
Audio Bitrates (see above)
Frame Length 24.0 ms (576 bytes)
VBV Buffer 112 / 224
VBV Delay 65535
Minimum Buffer Size 229376 bytes

MUX Rates

All measurements are bits per second

QualitySetting System Video Audio
Standard 2028400 1726000 192000
Medium 7680800 7413200 192000
High 3332400 9800000 192000

Notes and Issues

System Stream

For some reason High's system mux rate is lower than what is actually used. Not sure why this is.

The 5000's encoder appears to have a substantial a/v delay, sometimes close to a full second.

Video Stream

Audio Stream

-- LeeThompson - 21 Dec 2002

I've seen bitrates above 15Mbps

-- JeffD - 02 May 2003

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