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The user/ReplayChannels/3 directory contains 3 or 4 files and a directory.

The file ReplayChannelSet?.File is simply a series of ReplayChannel records; it's presumably the master list of ReplayChannels.

The files ReplayRecordList?.File and ConflictList?.file are series of ReplayShow records. ReplayRecordList?.File is a list of shows that are going to be recorded, or are candidates for recording; theme/zone shows don't seem to show up in this file, at least not very far in advance. ConflictList?.file has matched pairs of records explaining user-selected conflict management decisions; the first is a record for a show that won't be recorded, the second a record for the show that will be. The second record isn't (or may not -- only one non-empty sample has been seen) a full normal record; the TMS ID, start time, and duration are filled in normally; title is filled in with just "Recording Sat 3/2" or as appropriate (but that 3/2 isn't a date, at least not a correct one).

When a show is actually being recorded, the file ReplayRecordState?.File contains the ReplayShow record for it. When a show isn't being recorded, that file doesn't exist.

The directory ReplayChannels has a channelid.FiledArray file for each ReplayChannel. They're FiledArray files of ReplayShow records. There are records for deleted ReplayShows as well as existing ones (and for not-yet-recorded?). The 'intact' field can be used to differentiate the existing shows from the non-existing.

-- ToddLarason - 27 May 2002

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