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Directory user/ChannelGuide/ChannelSet/NetAppStateDirectory/zipcode contains three types of files.

cache-YearMonthDay files are simply application/ files, as described in RnsGetCG2; these are the merged results of all the RnsGetCG2 requests for the given day.

cachesum-YearMonthDay files describe the matching cache file. There's an 8-byte header followed by 16 byte records, one record per unique channel in the lineup (that is, channels that appear multiple times in the channel guide only get one entry in the cache and cachesum files).


Offset Size Name
0 4 num_channels
4 4 unknown


Offset Size Name Description
0 4 tms_id TMS ID of the channel
4 4 modified_time  
8 4 always_zero maybe offset is 64-bits and this is the top 32bits
12 4 offset offset into cache file for this channel's guide data is simply the time_t timestamp used for the current ClientChannelSetFiles and ClientLineupFiles. It isn't clear what triggers these files being rebuilt/restamped -- it's not every change, and it's not the daily network update.

-- ToddLarason - 26 May 2002

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