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These are my notes for the Replay FiveThousands (5000) series guide format. These are the ramblings of a madman are probably aren't correct.

GuideHeader? (808)

GuideSnapshotHeader (32):

Offset Size Name Notes
0 2 version 5
2 2 unknown Always 1; possibly a version number specifically for this header
4 4 struct_size Right now, 32. The meaning is a guess; treated as a magic number by the RTV code
8 4 num_channels_1 The number of ReplayChannels in the GuideSnapshot file
12 4 num_channels_2 In a valid exported GuideSnapshot file, will always match num_channels_1. This copy is incremented while the ReplayShow records are being exported, to keep track of how far in the process the export is.
16 4 group_data_offset Offset in bytes from the beginning of the file for the start of the GroupData record. Should always be 32 for this version of the file format.
20 4 channel_offset Offset in bytes from the beginning of the file for the beginning of the first ReplayChannel record. Should always be 808 for this version of the file format.
24 4 show_offset Offset in bytes from the beginning of the file for the beginning of the first ReplayShow record. Should always be 808 + 624 * num_channels_1 for this version of the file format.
28 4 GuideFlags This isn't initialized before being written; undefined bits should be ignored (for this version of the file format, at least)

GroupData (776):

Offset Size Name Description
0 4 struct_size Always 776 for this version
4 4 num_categories The number of categories actually defined
8 128 index[32] The category index numbers used in ReplayChannel structures (1 << index[x] for the 'x'th group (category) listed here)
136 128 name_offset[32] The offset into the name_block entry to the beginning of each group's (category's) name
264 512 name_block[512] The names of the groups (categories)

ReplayChannel (712):

Offset Size Name Notes
0 512 replay_show A ReplayShow structure; for time-based recordings, the time, channel, etc. come from here
512 60 replay_theme A ReplayTheme structure; for theme-based and zone-based recordings, the search parameters come from here.
572 4 channel_id channel ID/channel creation timestamp
576 4 category The category 'tab' this channel is in, as a bitmask (1 << category index)
580 4 channel_type The over-all ChannelType (Seems Incorrect!)
584 4 keep The number of episodes to keep
588 4 quality The QualitySetting
592 4 stored The number of episodes currently stored
596 1 days_of_week The DaysOfWeek to record on
597 1 after_padding The number of minutes extra to record after the scheduled end of the program
598 1 before_padding The number of minutes extra to record before the scheduled end of the program
599 1 flags ChannelFlags -- not well understood
600 8 timereserved Total Time Allocated (New)
608 48 label A NUL-terminated string to use as a label for this channel
656 32 u32 reserved_for_don[7] This seems to have been all given back to Don (?). this is actually an 8-member array, not 7, with seconds_allocated reserved_for_don[7], but since it's used it's no longer reserved, no matter what the actual source apparently says
688 8 space_allocated The number of disk bytes reserved; 0 for non-guaranteed
696 4 unknown1
700 4 unknown2
704 4 unknown3
708 4 unknown4
N/A 4 seconds_allocated This seems to be ... missing (or changed to timereserved)

ReplayShow (512):

Offset Size Name Notes
0 4 channel_id The channel_id for the ReplayChannel this show is part of
4 4 show_id The primary key for this ReplayShow; also, the time the recording started, as a TimeT
8 4 input_source The InputSource for this recording
12 4 quality The QualitySetting for this recording
16 4 guaranteed 0 = no, 0xffffffff = yes
20 4 show_flags The ShowFlags for this recording
24 80 channel the Channel for this recording
104 272 program the Program for this recording
376 4 ivs_status IvsStatus value (Always 1 in a ReplayShow snapshot, 0 or 2 in a ReplayChannel snapshot.)
380 4 remote_guide_id Always 0 in a snapshot; the show_id on the original ReplayTV, for IVS or LAN shows
384 4 download_id Valid only during actual transfer of index or mpeg file; format/meaning still unknown
388 4 times_sent The number of times this program has been sent with InternetVideoSharing
392 4 seconds The actual duration of the recording
396 4 GOP_count The number of GOPs in the recording
400 4 GOP_highest Always 0 in a snapshot; the index of the highest # GOP viewed
404 4 GOP_last Always 0 in a snapshot; the index of the most recent GOP viewed
408 4 checkpointed 0 in possibly-out-of-date in-memory copies; always -1 in snapshots
412 4 intact 0xffffffff in a snapshot; 0 means a deleted show
416 4 upgrade_flag Set only when upgrading software versions, and only in the ReplayShow structure inside a show-based ReplayChannel; if set, the upgrade procedure computes fields such as ReplayChannel's space_allocated, based on the actual space used. Cleared again before the upgrade is finished, so this is never exposed.
420 4 sort_hint The (0-based) index of this show in its ReplayChannel; this is, for the 4th show listed in a given ReplayChannel, this is 3
424 2 unused1 not preserved when padding values are set, presumably not used
426 1 before_padding Minutes of padding recorded before the scheduled start of the show
427 1 after_padding Minutes of padding recorded after the scheduled start of the show
428 8 index_size size of .ndx file. for IVS-downloading/downloaded shows
436 8 mpeg_size size of .mpg file, for IVS-downloading/downloaded shows
444 68 reserved  

ReplayTheme (60):

Offset Size Name Notes
0 4 flags flags bitmask
4 4 suzuki_id SuzukiID of zone to record
8 4 minutes minutes to store for this theme
12 48 keywords words to search for



Bitmask Shift amount Meaning
0x00000001 0 Actor search
0x00000002 1 Director search
0x00000004 2 Title search
0x00000008 3 Title match
0x00000010 4 Description search
0x00000020 5 Random


Code Meaning
1 Recurring
2 Theme (search term)
3 Single
4 Zone (Suzuki category)

-- LeeThompson - 14 Dec 2002

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