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Chip Name High-Level Purpose
TeraLogic850 (presumed; under heat sink) MPEG Decoder
TeraLogic810 Controller - PCI, IDE, memory, processor, etc. interface
VisionTechKFir2? MPEG Encoder
XilinxSpartanCX2s100? FPGA
PhilipsSAA7114? NTSC decoder
SonyCXS2064m? Audio demodulation
NEC078f0034agyk Microcontroller -- LEDs, serial ports? -- probably misread, actually 'aygk'
ConexantSmartHCF? 56k soft modem
ConexantSmartDAA? ?? part of the modem?
AnalogADV7170? NTSC encoder
29f040c-90 flash memory
hyundai SDRAM memory chips
QED5231 (presumed; under heat sink) Processor

ethernet card: * VS118ADC4

-- ToddLarason - 25 May 2002

hcf info, but maybe not the right model for the details:'s/SmartHCF-DesignerGuide.pdf

-- ToddLarason - 25 May 2002

adv7170 datasheet:

-- ToddLarason - 25 May 2002 says the QED RMS5231 is a 64-bit MIPS-IV core, available in 150,200&250mhz versions, 2-8 pipeline stages to clock tick (325MIPS max), with single&double floating point. Any of Replay's marketing fluff give a clock speed ref?

-- ToddLarason - 28 May 2002

NEC078f0034 info with datasheet and manual PDFs --

32k flash ROM, 1k RAM, uart, 3wire bus, i2c bus, 51 i/o ports, 10-bit 8channel adc

flash - MBM24f040c-90, 4m (512Kx8), plcc package -- for the datasheet (thanks Klaatu)

-- ToddLarason - 26 Jun 2002

From a Conexant Doc about SmartDAA?:

Conexant's SmartDAA? technology (patent pending) eliminates the need for a costly analog transformer, relays, and opto-isolators typically used in discrete DAA (Data Access Arrangement) implementations The SmartDAA? architecture also simplifies product implementation by eliminating the need for country-specific board configurations enabling worldwide homologation of a single modem board design and a single bill of materials (BOM). The SmartDAA? system-powered DAA operates reliably without drawing power from the line, unlike line-powered DAAs which operate poorly when line current is insufficient due to long lines or poor line conditions. Enhanced features, such as monitoring of local extension status without going off-hook, are also supported. Incorporating Conexants proprietary Digital Isolation Barrier (DIB) design (patent pending) and other innovative DAA features, the SmartDAA? architecture simplifies application design, minimizes layout area, and reduces component cost.

-- RoyEltham - 14 Jul 2002

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