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Can I stream over 802.11b?

Nobody's made this work. The theoretical bandwidth is right on the borderline of working; real world just doesn't cut it.

-- I've managed to stream over my 802.11b bridge with a standard quality show and it only "stalled" a couple times during the 30 minute show. However, medium quality stalls every 30-60 seconds, and high quality just doesn't work at all. -- RoyEltham 14 Jul 2002

Can I watch MPGs from other sources?

Nobody's made this work. The 4000/5000's multiplexing is unusual and may be required.

Can I edit an MPG and watch it?

Once it's edited, it's from another source. See above.

Does it matter what order I upgrade & activate a 4500 or 5000 in?

It doesn't seem to, but experience is still limited. Keep your original drive safe.

Is there an exposed facility to remotely schedule recordings?

Nothing good. There's the remote-control emulation and the transaction-fetching intended for MyReplayTV, but no simple "schedule a recording at 3pm on channel 7" HTTP request.

Where can I find remote control emulation for the ReplayTV?

You can find it at -- please note that "select" sometimes gets interpreted as a double-click for some reason.

Where can I find information about creating DVD discs from ReplayTV streams?

You can find more information under ReplayToDVD.

-- ToddLarason - 16 Jun 2002 -- LeeThompson - 28 Apr 2003

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