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Device Codes are used to differentiate different tuning devices or channel lineups available on a single HeadEnd.

They are encoded in several different ways in different parts of the system: as simple numbers, 0-31 ("DeviceMaskIndex"); as a bitmask ("DeviceMask"), or as an ASCII printable character (always observed as upper case letters + @ (or, as an exception to the 'printable', NUL), but apparently also legally lower case + `).

Numeric Code Bitmask ASCII Key Name
0 0x00000001 @ Standard (unnamed)
1 0x00000002 A A Lineup
2 0x00000004 B B Lineup
4 0x00000010 D Rebuild Lineup
7 0x00000080 G Non-Addressable Converter
8 0x00000100 H Hamlin
9 0x00000200 I Jerrold Impulse
10 0x00000400 J Jerrold
12 0x00001000 L Digital Rebuild
13 0x00002000 M Multiple Converters
14 0x00004000 N Pioneer
15 0x00008000 O Oak
16 0x00010000 P Premium
18 0x00040000 R Cable-ready-TV
19 0x00080000 S Converter Switch
20 0x00100000 T Tocom
21 0x00200000 U A Lineup Cable-ready-TV
22 0x00400000 V B Lineup Cable-ready-TV
23 0x00800000 W Scientific-Atlanta
24 0x01000000 X Digital
26 0x04000000 Z Zenith

The devices not listed are valid, but don't have known names.

-- ToddLarason - 22 Mar 2002 (Updated by HenryDonzis 25 Oct 2014)

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