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File user/ChannelGuide/ChannelSet/ClientLineupFiles/zipcode/Lineup-timestamp is an array of 4-byte records, indexed by channel guide channel number. This is presumably used as the primary index file when building the ChannelGuide? to display.

Each record contains just two entries:

Offset Size Name Description
0 2 flags 0x8000 set = invalid channel; other member evidentally garbage; 0x4000 = channel disabled by user; no other flags seem to be used
2 2 offset offset into the matching ClientChannelSetFiles file for the entry for this channel

As special cases, there are entries for four channels where the offset field has a different meaning.

Channel Number Offset meaning
3000 ChannelGuide? channel number of the currently-selected
3001 number of valid channels
3002 number of valid, enabled channels
3003 number of valid channels

Presumably there's actually some difference between 3001 and 3003; in every file examined, though, they have the same value.

-- ToddLarason - 26 May 2002

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