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If you've enabled the PtvioShell, you can press a key early in the boot process to enter a monitor-like environment. The 4.3 ROM image has removed the help screen from this, though; the help screen from the 4.1 image was:
 ?                     - print this list
 @                     - boot (load and go)
 p                     - print boot params
 c                     - change boot params
 l                     - load boot file
 g adrs                - go to adrs
 d adrs[,n]            - display memory
 m adrs                - modify memory
 f adrs, nbytes, value - fill memory
 t adrs, adrs, nbytes  - copy memory
 e                     - print fatal exception
 n netif               - print network interface device address
 $dev(0,procnum)host:/file h=# e=# b=# g=# u=usr [pw=passwd] f=#
                           tn=targetname s=script o=other
 boot device: udma=drive,boot par          file name: /udma0/vxWorks
 Boot flags:          
   0x02  - load local system symbols
   0x04  - don't autoboot
   0x08  - quick autoboot (no countdown)
   0x20  - disable login security
   0x40  - use dhcp to get boot parameters
   0x80  - use tftp to get boot image
   0x100 - use proxy arp

-- ToddLarason - 06 Jul 2002

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